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The second workshop in the field of Local and Regional Road infrastructure (LRR)

12.05.2014   1199 Views  

Regional and Sector Programming of the infrastructure of Local and Regional Roads is a participatory process for planning and capacity building in the south region, which will ensure the development of investment projects. Regional and sectorial planning and programming in the field regional and local roads is carried out with the financial support of the European Union, offered through the German Agency for International Development (GIZ) project - "Modernization of Local Public services ".

The general objective of the project is to improve local public services in villages and towns of the Republic of Moldova. The main beneficiary of the project is the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction (MRDC), the regional development agencies (RDA's) and the Regional Development Councils (RDC's), as well as communities in the south region.

In this context, the second workshop was held, with the participation of representatives from the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction, Ministry of Transportation and Road Infrastructure, State Roads Administration, specialists and experts from the South RDA and GIZ, at which they presented the results and conclusions of workshop No 1.

At the beginning of the event, the Director of the South RDA, Mrs. Maria Culeșov, pointed out that it is necessary "to focus efforts in this area, since physical infrastructure rehabilitation, modernization and development of access routes and road infrastructure, is one of the priorities of regional development strategy. Because of the presence at this workshop, as well as to the responsibility of members of the Working Group, we will work and we will have beautiful results in this area".

Regional working group members reviewed the current situation in local and regional roads and jointly discussed the criteria for the identification of these roads, they applied in practice the criteria identified by the maps GIS (geospatial data system) through a participatory exercise.

During these workshops, the objectives are to develop Regional Sector Programs (RSP) in Local and Regional Road infrastructure for the South Region, in close collaboration with key stakeholders.

We reiterate, regional planning and programming in the "Modernization of Local Public services" started in 2012 and provides support MRDC and South ADR in their regional planning and programming process in the following sectors:

-water supply and sanitation,

-solid waste management,

-energy efficiency,

-local and regional roads (from 2014).