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Port of Giurgiulesti Representatives visit South RDA

17.05.2014   1467 Views  

Port of Giurgiulesti Administration representatives visited the headquarters of the South Regional Development Agency. During the visit, Mathias von Tucher and Ala Aydova showed interest in perspective collaboration with South Regional Development Agency. South RDA Director, Ms. Maria Culeșov was also familiar with the policy of regional development priorities and objectives, as well as the projects implemented in the south region. The guests were interested in the region's development strategy in Giurgiulesti, as a geo-strategic point of the region, as well as the possibility of the projects for solid waste management, and water supply and sanitation.

At the end of the visit, the Dutch delegation and representatives of the South RDA, agreed on joint action to be taken in order to further cooperation for the benefit of the South Region.