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“Implementing Regional Development Policies: What are the key factors for success?"

21.05.2014   1243 Views  


Officials from 20 countries, responsible for regional development met today in Chisinau in the framework of the 4th edition of the International Cooperation Conference "Overcoming Regional Disparities." The theme of this year's Edition is "Implementing Regional Development Policies: What are the key factors for success?"

The 200 participants discussed what represents regional development, national prospects, financing of regional development projects and regional development as a factor in job creation.

"The meeting and the discussions, as well as bilateral meetings and visits prepared for the guests, were fruitful and laid the foundation for the development of partnerships and concrete projects. We were proud to have them as guests as the Ministers responsible for regional development of Latvia and the Republic of Macedonia, as well as colleagues from the Czech Republic, Georgia, Poland, Estonia, and Romania discussed the regional development policy of their countries. The experience observed in the development of these regions and reducing regional disparities will make an exchange of experiences in regional development versus urban development "mentioned Marcel Răducan, Minister of Regional Development and Construction.

At the same time, Minister Marcel Răducan pointed out that within the working groups, representatives of local public authorities will achieve an exchange of best practices with counterparts in other countries on the identification and development of projects in regional development, and they will know the models of policy implementation, projects and programs in this regard.

Thomas Weithoner, Deputy Chief of Mission for the German Embassy in The Republic of Moldova, expressed confidence that the event will contribute to the growth of RM solutions and reduce social exclusion. Also, the official stressed the German government's willingness to support the development of a portfolio of projects to increase investment in Moldova.In the period 2010-2015, Germany offered RM about 17 million Euros for regional development.

The Conference was carried out over two days. After the event, guests visited the Cricova Winery and Orhei Vechi. 

The event was organized by the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction (MRDC) with support, including financial, of the EU, the Governments of Germany and Sweden, offered through the German Agency of International Development (GIZ).