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The Regional and local actors from the Republic of Moldova have strengthened their capabilities in a summer camp organized by Latvian partners

16.08.2017   1266 Views  

During 7-12 August 2017, as a result of the partnership between the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia and the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment of the Republic of Moldova, a summer camp for representatives of regional development agencies and local public authorities was organized.

The objective of the summer school was to strengthen the professionalism and capacities of the local and regional specialists in the Republic of Moldova, as well as to take good practice in the elaboration and implementation of projects in the fields of tourism, culture, business development, territorial planning at regional and local level, regional and local cooperation between countries.

21 representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment, of Regional Development Agencies North, Center, South and TAU Gagauzia, as well as the representatives of local public administration of level I and II participated at the summer school. The generic of the launching seminar was "From Idea to Project" - the assistance options in Moldova-Latvia cooperation projects.

The representatives of the Latvian Rural Forum presented the LEADER approach of the Republic of Latvia, namely "transnational and inter-territorial cooperation", with the presentation of the partnership conditions between the local action groups from the EU Member States' or other countries, whose purpose is to provide international cooperation support, facilitating the exchange of experience, the quality of new and innovative ideas for cooperation, as well as encouraging business development and employment. In the same context, the participants were informed about the possibility of participating in the European Rural Youth Parliament.

The representatives of the international youth programs talked about the Erasmus + program, where young people and involved in youth activities people, have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge, skills and experience in creating and implementing their own projects in cooperation with foreign partners.

The Latvian Ministry of Culture representatives have made an overview of the EU Creative Europe program and its opportunities for Moldovan - Latvian cooperation projects in the field of creative culture, they also asked Moldovan delegates to participate in the project   „Europe for Citizens ", which aims to bring Europe closer to citizens by involving them in solving problems at local, regional and international level, and even at a member level.

The representatives of the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) briefed the participants on the activities and support provided by the International Competitiveness Promotion Program that supports the involvement of development regions, municipalities and entrepreneurs in conferences, seminars and forums held abroad.

Within the workshop, the Moldovan representatives have engaged in discussions about the challenges and opportunities of regional and local development as well as the role of different level authorities in these domains.

In cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Latvia, on August 7, a tasting of typical products from the regions of Moldova, familiarization with traditional costumes and customs was organized. In the evening, the guests were able to establish new social contacts, and to strengthen the existing ones. The event was also accompanied by Moldovan folk.

On August 8, the delegates divided into previously created groups and went on to exchange experience in 10 regions of Latvia: Dobeles, Raunas, Jelgavas, Preiļu, Riebiņu, Ropažu, Neretas, Aizkraukles, Rēzeknes as well as in Planning Regions Riga and Kurzemes. During this visit, the delegates worked individually with their Latvian partners, were familiar with a variety of good practice examples, and received consultancy from Latvia in the field of business and tourism development, local governance in work organization, development and planning areas, project management and services supply.

The existing cooperation as well as new opportunities for cooperation have also been highlighted. In this context, intentions of cooperation have been signed between the Cazangic village, Leova district with the Neretas region and the Ropaž municipality with the Sireti village, Straseni district.

At the end of the event, a meeting was organized, where regional and local representatives from Moldova and Latvia shared the results of the visits, new ideas and collaboration solutions, established contacts and possibilities for planning the subsequent actions. Taking into account the set out objectives on the first day of the camp, the information on the Moldovan-Latvian funding instruments available for cooperation projects and the exchange of experience in the areas of youth education, culture and entrepreneurship was provided.

The parties have also established some follow-up activities particularly: the participation of Latvian representatives within the activities planned for Business Week, 2-6 October, the Gagauzia Business Forum, November 5, etc. Project ideas that could be applied within the framework of the LEADER program were identified, provided that the legislation in the Republic of Moldova on the creation and activity of Local Action Groups was regulated.

At the same time, in the field of culture were highlighted the measures that could be organized within other events, such as the Independence Day of Moldova and Latvia, thematic festivals, etc.

In conclusion, the Latvian experts have exposed themselves upon the topics with recommendations and suggestions. The next step in this context will be carried out within a mission of Latvian experts in the Republic of Moldova, with the evaluation of the carried out activities and the further planning of the Moldovan-Latvian partnership.