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„NON SOLO PANE” Project Provides Opportunities for Youth and Economic Operators from the Region South to Develop Business in the Field of Bakery and Pastry

15.12.2017   1857 Views  

On Friday, December 15, the "NON SOLO PANE" project was launched. Renowned and advanced Italian bakers will train young entrepreneurs from the Development Region South as well as those with business experience who want to develop and expand their own business.

In this context, the Regional Development Agency South in partnership with Provincia di Novara organized an information session on the launching of training courses in the field of bakery and pastry. This one took place in the meeting room of the Cimislia District Council.

The information session was attended by about 60 economic operators from Basarabeasca, Cahul, Leova, Cantemir, Căuşeni, Ştefan Voda, Taraclia and Cimişlia districts, who operate in catering and milling-bakery-pastry industry, as well as, by persons who came back home from abroad and are interested in starting a business in Moldova.

Economic operators from Comrat shared a high interest in the event context too. They considered that it is important to learn to bake good bread, according to traditional recipes, Italian pizza or panettone (yeast-leavened sweet bread), products that have become more demanded on the Moldovan market.

The meeting was to present the details of the training courses and the criteria for selecting participants. In addition, the main problems and challenges encountered in the process of initiating and developing business in the Republic of Moldova were identified.

The participants were also informed about business financing opportunities and Business Incubators benefits in initiating and developing small business.

Finally, the participants had an individual and group discussion session with the guests of the event, Claudio li Calzi and Albino Irali.

The "NON SOLO PANE" project aims at carrying out training courses in the Republic of Moldova in the field of bakery and pastry, by applying Italian-style training methodology.

Mr. Giovanni Meli, an Italian professor who has 25 years of experience in the bakery field and 20 years in vocational education in the Novara region, will hand over the training free of charge.

At the same time, Mr.Claudio li Calzi, a business consultant for Italian investors in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, said that the Italians would finance the equipment and all necessary tools for carrying out the professional training courses.

"Our overall objective is to train high-skilled professionals for local and international employers, another one is to inform new economic operators in this field about funding opportunities to get the necessary equipment for doing business," said one of the initiators of the project, the Italian entrepreneur Mr. Albino Irali. For about 40 years, he has been engaged in construction, installation and sale of electric ovens of any size and other bakery equipment and accessories for bakeries, pizzerias, restaurants and pastries.