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Expression of interest for Local Subsidies granted in the field of Regional Development and Regional Level Cooperation

04.12.2018   540 Views  

The German Development Cooperation through GIZ is inviting Non-governmental/Non-profit organisations to express their interest for Local Subsidies granted to raise awareness about provisions of Chapter 20 "Regional Development, Cross-border and Regional Level Cooperation" of the EU-Moldova Association Agreement and its Action Plan1 and contribute to promotion of "...mutual understanding, and bilateral cooperation in the field of regional policy, including methods of formulation and implementation of regional policies, multi-level governance and partnership, with special emphasis on the development of disadvantaged areas and territorial cooperation, with the objective of establishing channels of communication and enhancing exchange of information and experience between national, regional and local authorities, socio-economic actors and civil society".

The Local Subsidies are made available in the framework of the project "Exchange Platform for the Chapters on Regional Development within the Association Agreements of Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine" implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment of the Republic of Moldova.

Interested organisations are expected to apply with the concept of the project proposed for implementation, based on which several finalists will be shortlisted. The shortlisted organisations will be invited to detail their applications and provide the estimated budget of the project, as per GIZ requirements provided for Local subsidy contracts.   

Applications should be submitted in English and not exceed 10 pages. Applications containing incomplete or inaccurate information will not be processed.

The maximum budget provided per project will not exceed 7.000 EUR.  The financing is subject to GIZ's standard commercial and legal eligibility check that will be performed for those shortlisted for funding.

The launch of selected project(s) is foreseen for March 2018. The overall duration of each project should not exceed 6 months.

Please find attached the Concept of the Project.


Successful applications shall include:

  • Project concept with all required documents attached;
  • Copy of the organisation registration certificate in the Republic of Moldova, any available license, permit, professional qualification certificate available;
  • No-debt certificate issued by the Moldovan Tax Inspection or copy of the latest financial report.

Application are to be submitted via e-mail to the Country Office Chisinau, tenders-giz-moldova@giz.de, not later than 30 January 2019. Please show "EaP Local Subsidy application" in the message subject.

1 The EU-Moldova Association Agreement can be found on:


and http://www.mfa.gov.md/img/docs/Acordul-de-Asociere-RM-UE.pdf