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Public procurement of Technical Supervision Services at the RDA South

17.12.2018   558 Views  

On December 7, 2018, several meetings of working groups on public procurement procedures for works, supplies and services were organized at the RDA South, within the regional development projects implemented in the Development Region South.

At the first meeting, the Procurement Working Group started the procedure for opening the offers submitted during the public tender for the works technical supervision within the "Construction of the Cahul - Lebedenco - Pelinei - Gavanoasa -Vulcanesti aqueduct (villages) - Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Stage I Phase 1" investment measure.

Subsequently, the offers submitted during the public tender for contracting the technical supervision services for works within the "Construction of the local networks of Lebedenco, Hutulu, Ursoaia, Pelinei, Satuc, Gavanoasa, Vladimirovca and Nicolaevca villages, Stage I Phase 2" investment measure were opened.

Mr Anatolie Casap, Specialist on Public Procurement within the RDA South, presented the bid values, alternative offers, including their core values and characteristics, the existence of the required participation guarantees and other details that the tender committee considered important and necessary were disclosed.

After the tenders opening and bidders announcing, the tender committee members and tenderers representatives, the minutes with the recording of all data about each participant was signed.

In the coming days, the Evaluating Committee will examine how each bid meets the requirements set out in the tender documents, and then will examine, clarify and evaluate the bids in detail.

These investment measures are financed from the Government of Switzerland (2.8 million Euro), implemented by the German Federal Enterprise for International Cooperation (GIZ) within MLPS project. By implementing the first stage of the project, about 11 km of aqueduct and about 25 km of drinking water supply network in Lebedenco, Hutulu and Ursoaia villages will be built. About 2,665 citizens will benefit from access to drinking water.