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The RDA South specialists learn how to use geospatial data in strategic planning

19.03.2019   1491 Views  

On March 19-21, 2019, the RDA South specialists from the Regional Policy and External Cooperation, and Project Management Department, had the first training workshop. It was organized within a Moldovan-Czech project, based on the application of the Geographic Information System (GIS) in implementing regional development strategies. This project aims to contribute to strengthening the capacities of regional development actors and increasing investment in the Development Region South, as a result of effective programming.

 Mrs Oxana Cazacu, the head of the Regional Policy and External Cooperation Department of the RDA South, mentioned that the institution expresses support in successful implementation, in the Region South, of the project in strategic planning development, supported by the Czech Development Agency.

"I am confident that the new knowledge and skills of the RDA South specialists, within this strategic planning development project, by using geospatial data, will enable us to move to a higher level of project implementation. And so, we will be able to attract investors to the South Development Region ", Mrs Cazacu mentioned.

After that, Mr Antonín Kusbach, a GIS specialist from the Czech Agency" GEOtest", informed the RDA South specialists about GIS and QGIS, the basics of editing vector data and more. Also, the RDA South specialists, will learn how to create maps and how to operate with raster and PDF data, as well as with mapping services and OpenStreetMap sources.

Mr Pavel Ivancenco, specialist from the Agency for Land Relations and Cadastre of the Republic of Moldova, presented information about the national spatial data infrastructure. The agency's specialists will use this knowledge and practice in the process of developing regional plans, as well as in the graphic presentation of concrete projects.

They are confident that the results of this project will generate a new type of strategic planning in the Republic of Moldova, thus making the Development Region South more attractive to investors.

The training is organized within the "Regional Development in the Republic of Moldova: Support for the Implementation of Regional Strategies using the Geographic Information System (GIS)" project. During the 2019 year, the RDA South specialists will benefit from 21 days of such training course.

The project is funded by the Czech Development Agency and implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment in partnership with the Czech Agency GEOtest and the North, Centre, South and Găgăuzia Regional Development Agencies. According to the project, by the end of 2020, strategic development plans will be developed for five localities from the Republic of Moldova, using geospatial data, which allow fixing geographical limits of the localities, the correct sketching of the local roads, the intersectoral roads, the distribution of the land areas between houses, etc.