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Report on Initiation of the Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Cahul District and the Priority Investment Measures is Presented to the Representatives of Kfw Bank and the Members of the Project Execution Agency

03.10.2019   441 Views  

On Thursday, October 3, 2019, at the Cahul City Hall, the regular meeting of the Project Execution Agency (PEA) "Water supply and sewerage in the Cahul district", financed by the Government of Germany through the German Development Bank KfW, was held. The Preliminary Report for initiation of the project, elaborated by "Fichtner Water & Transportation" company, was presented, as well as the draft of the Plan of communication and visibility of the project, the elaboration of which is the responsibility of the Regional Development Agency South.

This extended meeting of the PEA was attended by the specialists of the Cahul City Hall, "Apa Canal Cahul" Enterprise and South Regional Development Agency, the representatives of the donour - the German Development Bank KfW.  Several important issues about the necessary activities to be undertaken for the good start of the project and the initiation of the detailed design procedure of the investment measures were discussed.

In this context, the consultants and engineers from "Fichtner Water & Transportation" company presented a Report of the initiation of the project "Water supply and sanitation in the Cahul district". It includes a current analysis of the technical, operational and financial situation of the operator "Apa Canal Cahul", the technical solutions and the investment measures proposed for achieving the goal and objectives of the project.

Also, the scheme regarding the envisaged complementary measures, the procurement plan to be carried out for purchasing design and construction works, etc. were made public.

The PEA members also discussed about the deviations from the provisions of the feasibility study, developed two years ago by "Posch + Partners" company, at the KfW request. The parties involved in the project agreed that the feasibility study needs to be updated and adjusted to the current situation in the field of water supply and sewerage of the Cahul district.

Regarding the contribution of the European Union, which could participate as a partner and co-financer in the Cahul WSS, project, it was specified that it would be confirmed by the end of this year.

"Fichtner Water & Transportation" consultants have also informed those present that, so far, they have managed to collect all permissive design approvals and the Urbanism Certificate has been obtained. Therefore, they are already ready for the elaboration of the project documentation and the announcement of public procurement for purchasing of the design services. In this respect, they said they hope that by September 2020, all the contracts regarding the execution of the works will be signed.

The Regional Development Agency South presented the draft of Communication and Visibility Plan, on which the specialists of the institution are currently working on. According to them, the document aims to inform the target public about the contribution of the Federal Government of Germany and, directly of the KfW Bank, in the development and modernization of the water supply and sewerage infrastructure of the localities in the South part of the Republic of Moldova. At the same time, this plan defines the purpose, the specific objectives, the schedule of activities and other necessary elements for a good management and monitoring of the implementation of the advertising and communication activity for "Water supply and sanitation in the Cahul district" project .

Finally, the PEA members agreed on the fact that, until the next meeting, each involved institution will consult and draw up a list of comments on the Report of initiation of the Cahul WSS project, so that it can be approved. At the same time, with the support of the "Fichtner Water & Transportation" consultant and the RDA South specialists, an Informative and impact map of the WSS projects implemented in the Cahul district will be elaborated.

We remind that on August 1, 2018, between the German Bank Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW), the Republic of Moldova (represented by the Ministry of Finance) and Cahul municipality, a Financing Agreement for the implementation of the "Water supply and sanitation project in Cahul district" was signed.

The project is implemented with the support of the Regional Development Agency (RDA) South. According to the Financing Agreement signed with KfW Bank, RDA South has to provide within the project expertise in the field of procurement procedures, elaboration of the cost estimations and to ensure the project visibility.

The"Water supply and sanitation in Cahul district" project provides the development of water supply and sewerage services in Cahul and four neighbouring villages: Cotihana, Crihana Veche, Pascani and Manta.

Within the project, 8 km of water supply and sewerage network will be built in Cotihana village, as well as sewerage systems in Crihana Veche, Pascani and Manta villages. In addition, in Cahul, the water supply system will be restored and extended by 11 km, the sewerage networks will be expanded, the pumping station will be repaired as well as the administrative building of "Apa Canal Cahul" municipal enterprise.

The project is funded by the KfW German Development Bank and aims to restore the basic infrastructure of water supply and sewerage in the largest city from the South of Moldova and in the nearby villages.