The 4th Workshop for Working Groups in Regional Planning of Energy Efficiency



Starting with the 2010 Regions North, Central and South have been actively involved in the initial processes of regional development led by the Regional Development Councils for (RDC) and the Regional Development Agencies (RDA). This took place within the framework of regional policy, which was drawn up by the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction.

The Regional Development Council, approved at its meeting of 11 February 2014 the Sectorial Regional Program in the field of energy efficiency (public buildings). Sectorial Regional program is an operational tool in regional planning, with the aim of enhancing the capacity of Local Public Authorities (LPA) in sustainable regional development projects and to create conditions for the development of energy efficiency projects by incorporating the needs of sectorial development in the south region, while respecting its compliance with sectorial policies, existing practices and relevant strategic framework.

In this context, the 4th workshop took place for the regional working group in the energy efficiency sector, which aimed to:

  • Evaluation of the current situation in the implementation of the regional program in the energy efficiency Sector (public buildings);
  • Coordination of the role and responsibilities of the members of the Regional Sectorial Working Group;
  • Presentation of the current situation in the process of elaboration of projects.

Present at the event were representatives of the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction, the Ministry of Economy, LPAs, experts from GIZ, and specialists of the South Regional Development Agency.

Head of Strategic Planning and Programming, Mrs. Tatiana Aramă briefly presented the Regional Sectorial Program in EE and noted that "because of these workshops and advice offered by experts of the GIZ, LPAs can develop project concepts which will guarantee attractiveness to financiers, especially with our closeness with the European Community, these opportunities are growing".

GIZ Experts, Sergiu Robu and Ion Munteanu, presented preliminary results obtained from visits to the field and energy efficiency measures implemented by the institutions previously visited.

Finally, Mr. Andrei Tocaru, South ADR Specialist in the Project Management Department, emphasized the role of Regional Sectorial Working Groups in the development phase of projects, as well as the responsibility of the South RDA in the process of the project concepts.

We reiterate, the project "Modernization of Local Public Services, in the 2nd intervention area, of Regional Planning and Scheduling "comes from the support of the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction, and the RDAs in the regional planning process in EE from the North, Central and South regions. This process focuses on training the working group representatives in making decisions to streamline energy consumption in regional public buildings.




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