Germany offers to Moldova a grant of 23.5 million euro for water supply and sewerage of Cahul district

On July 22, 2019, the representatives of the international design company "Fichtner Water & Transportation" had a working visit to the Regional Development Agency (RDA) South. The visit aimed at coordinating activities within the "Water supply and sewerage in Cahul district" project, financed by the Government of Germany through KfW German Development Bank.

The visit of the engineering company representatives, specialized in infrastructure projects worldwide, took place in the context of providing financial assistance by the Government of Germany as grant to the Government of the Republic of Moldova, to solve existing problems in water supply and sewerage sector.

The financial assistance program is focused on two areas of intervention:

- Improvement of the water supply infrastructure in the Center of Moldova and

- Water supply and sewerage in Cahul district.

In order to carry out the measures foreseen in the intervention area 2, the KfW German Development Bank offered, in March 2015, a support of 800 thousand euro for elaboration of a feasibility study regarding the construction of a Drinking Water Purification Plant and Wastewater Treatment Plant in the Cahul city by the consulting company "Posch + Partners". At present, by the same bank, Germany is going to offer to Moldova another grant of 23.5 million euro for water supply and sewerage of Cahul district.

In this respect, between the German Bank Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW), the Republic of Moldova (represented by the Ministry of Finance) and  Cahul city, on August 1, 2018, a Financing Agreement  for the implementing the "Water supply and sanitation in Cahul district" project was signed.

The project will be implemented with the Regional Development Agency (RDA) South support. Due to this fact, the representatives of the consulting company "Fichtner W&T", who are going to elaborate the design documentation and supervise the construction works, discussed with the members of the project implementation team from the RDA South.

The parties involved reviewed their responsibilities and tasks, discussed on some provisions of the Financing Agreement. At the same time, they agreed from the beginning on establishing a good understanding and cooperation in order to successfully implement the project, as well as the activities to be started in the next period.

We remind that the "Water supply and sanitation in Cahul district" project provides development of water supply and sewerage services in Cahul and four neighboring villages: Cotihana, Crihana Veche, Pascani and Manta.

Within the project, 8 km of water supply and sewerage network will be built in Cotihana village, as well as sewerage systems in Crihana Veche, Pascani and Manta villages.

Also, in Cahul, the water supply system will be restored and extended by 11 km, the sewerage networks will be expanded, the pumping station will be repaired, as well as the administrative building of the "Apă Canal Cahul" municipal enterprise.

The project will be funded by KfW German Development Bank and aims to restore the basic infrastructure of water supply and sewerage in the largest city in the South part of Moldova and in the nearby villages.



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