Increased thermal comfort for patients from Cantemir District Hospital

The patients hospitalized in the surgical block of Cantemir District Hospital, can enjoy better conditions for treatment, after a series of measures have been taken: rehabilitation of the roof of the building, heat insulation of the facade, carpentry works, installation of solar panels. Also, the thermal efficiency of the building also involved the renovation of the ventilation system, the install of which will be completed soon.

 The director of the Regional Development Agency (RDA) South, Mrs Maria Culesov, and the specialists of the Project Management Department, had a working visit to Cantemir, to monitor the progress and the quality of the works carried out within "Thermal rehabilitation of the Cantemir district hospital  building (surgical block)" investment project.

Together with the contractor, project manager and technical responsible, the representatives of RDA South have evaluated the volume of executed works, discussed with employees and patients about the degree of comfort and satisfaction they have after thermal rehabilitation of the hospital building.

Those present spoke about the need of installing an automated ventilation system in the basement of the surgical block building. The project manager highlighted that the automation of a ventilation system with heat recovery is extremely important. Insufficient automation can generate high consumption.

The "Thermal rehabilitation of the Cantemir district hospital building (surgical block)" project is implemented by the RDA South from the National Fund for Regional Development sources. It aims to increase the level of comfort of the surgical block of the Cantemir District Hospital by making thermal energy consumption more efficient.

The project value is 12 mil. 163 444 MDL. From this investment project will benefit about 63 thousand citizens of the Cantemir district, who go to the district hospital for medical assistance and care.

"Energy efficiency measures are recognized as means for achieving sustainable energy supply, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving security of supply and reducing costs. This is why energy efficiency is, therefore, a priority for us, and such investment projects as the increasing energy efficiency of the Cantemir District Hospital, are very necessary and important", said Mrs Maria Culesov, the director of the RDA South.




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