Welcome to the South Region

 Explore the South Region, visit towns and villages; enjoy the most beautiful places that offer incredibly beautiful views over vineyards, hills, valleys and hills.

Majestic landscapes, natural beauty, regional cuisine, world-renowned wines, people with an endless lust for life, all waiting for you here - in the South.

Tourists can enjoy numerous sights such as: Purcari - the oldest winery in Moldova, founded in 1827, scientific reserve "Prut de Jos" - the highest number of natural lakes, the "Adormirea Maicii Domnului" in Causeni - a unique monument located below the ground level included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

Traditional Moldavian cuisine will satisfy every gourmet's taste - dishes prepared from various vegetables, polenta served with cracklings, steaks, cheese, cream. Other traditional dishes are: chicken broth, soup, stew and roast. No traditional celebration happens without cabbage rolls, noodles, pies, vegetables, nuts etc. Such ethnic minorities like Bulgarians, serve traditional Mang (sauce with chicken), others, such as like Gagauzian prepare a very seasoned mutton soup, called shorpa.

Viticulture in Moldova has centuries-old traditions. The famous Moldovan wines are known and appreciated far abroad. All wines in the South have a unique flavor, taste - wonderful and unforgettable. They can be dry, sweet and strong; they have a varied bouquet of flavors and nuances.

If you want to immerse yourself in a place where you will be offered award-winning wines, delicious food and breathtaking views, then go to - Purcari, EtCetera, Grape Valley, Carahasani-Vin, Basavin wineries.

In addition to an amazing array of wines and wineries you'll discover regional arts and a rich history worth exploring. Festivities include traditional customs and folk festivals, religious ceremonies, national events, wine and joy.



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