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Members of the Project Executing Agency "Water Supply and Sewage in Cahul rayon" met in meetings

29.10.2019   713 Views  

On October 15 and 22, 2019, at the Cahul City Hall, two meetings of the Project Executing Agency (PEA) "Water Supply and Sewage in Cahul rayon", financed by the Government of Germany through the German Development Bank KfW, were organized.

At the meeting on October 15, 2019, the report of initiation of the project „Water Supply and Sewage in Cahul rayon", elaborated by the consulting company for detailed design services and supervision of the construction "Fichtner Water & Transportation", was put into discussion by PEA members. As a result, all the members present at the meeting prepared a set of comments and amendments based on the report and asked for time to compile and analyze them, so it was agreed to extend the meeting for the following week.

During the extended session of the PEA, from October 22, 2019, attended by the specialists of Cahul City Hall, the "Apa Canal Cahul" Enterprise and the Regional Development Agency South, the report of initiation of the above mentioned project was evaluated and approved, which included a current analysis of the technical, operational and financial situation of the operator "Apa-Canal Cahul", the technical solutions and the investment measures proposed in order to achieve the purpose and objectives of the project.

At the same time, the intermediary payment to the consultant "Invoice No. D19 / 1074 1st Interim Paymen" was approved, the value of which is EUR 19 666.00 and the additional payment amounting to EUR 5 349.99.

The Regional Development Agency South proposed to design 100% sewage network to cover the entire municipality of Cahul, proposal that was welcomed by all present.

We remind that, with the support of "Fichtner Water & Transportation" consultant and of RDA South specialists, an interactive Map with data on the projects of Water Supply and Sewage implemented in the Cahul rayon is going to be elaborated.

The project is implemented by the Municipality of Cahul in partnership with the Regional Development Agency (RDA) South. According to the Financing Agreement signed with KfW Bank, RDA South is to provide expertise in the field of procurement procedures, to isssue the estimates of expenditures and to ensure visibility within the project "Water Supply and Sanitation in Cahul rayon", which provides for the development of water supply and sewage services in Cahul town and four neighboring villages: Cotihana, Crihana Veche, Pașcani and Manta.

The project is funded by the German Development Bank KfW and aims to restore the basic infrastructure of water supply and sewage from the Prut River to the largest town in the south of Moldova and to the nearby villages.